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5 Truths About the Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis, aka Dawn of the North aka the Northern Lights. It’s usually at the top of many people’s bucket lists, whether they understand what it is or not because, well, it looks pretty. It is said to be a soul stirring, life changing site to behold. Many have tried to capture the beauty of the Aurora but pictures fail in comparison to its true magnificence. For those of you who are thinking of ticking this number one item off your bucket list, we’ve compiled our information and brought you 5 truths about the Northern Lights that you may not be aware of. Prepare yourselves. Read more...

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1. There isn’t just one place to see the Northern Lights.

There isn’t just one magical destination that provides your best Northern Lights viewings, in fact Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Canada and Alaska have locations where you can view this spectacle.


2. It doesn’t have to be cold for the Northern Lights to appear.

You may have had a visions of yourself shaking in the freezing snow waiting for the beautiful Aurora to appear in the depths of winter, but here’s the good news, it doesn’t have to be cold to see the Northern Lights, it just has to be dark.

You can actually view the Northern lights in September which is in very comfortable temperatures.


3. Did you know, the Northern Lights are active ALL YEAR ROUND.

This is more of a fun fact that we wanted to share. The beautiful Aurora is dancing in its brilliance all year round – the only issue is, from April to August the Aurora zones experience almost 24 hours of daylight, therefore it is simply not visible.


4. The Northern Lights are primarily green.

It’s not easy being green, but the Aurora Borealis doesn’t seem to have any issues. The Northern Lights can produce an array of colours however green is it’s main colour and it is truly magnificent.


5. There are many magical “myths” centered around the importance of the Aurora.

The native people that live under the magical skies of the Aurora believe that the lights are a dance of those who have passed. Another belief is that children who are conceived during the magical glow of the lights will have higher IQs. Fascinating.


The Northern Lights is a true spectacle to behold. In March 2021 we will be partnering with Viking cruises on a voyage In Search of the Northern Lights in Norway. Bonus truth! This is a once in a lifetime experience.

To find out more about this amazing experience, we are hosting an information night on the 9th of March at 5:30pm at our office at 108 Stirling Highway, Nedlands, where you can ask our Viking Representative and our team any questions you may have about the voyage.


To RSVP, please email khush.suntoke@globetrotter.com.au – we hope to see you there!


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