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Hurtigruten Antarctica, Falkland Islands & South Georgia Expedition Cruise

  • Day 1 - Arrive Buenos Aires
  • Day 2 - Flight to Ushuaia & Embarkation
  • Day 3 - At Sea
  • Days 4 - 6 - The Falkland Islands
  • Days 7 - 8 - At Sea, Cruising the South Atlantic
  • Days 9 - 13 - South Georgia - The Serengeti of the Southern Ocean
  • Day 14 - At Sea, Towards Antarctica
  • Days 15 - 20 - The most beautiful, pristine places on the planet
  • Days 21 - 22 - The Drake Passage - At Sea
  • Day 23 - Ushuaia - Disembarkation

Price starting from $16793 AUD

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Departure Information

Journey beginning and ending at Buenos Aires,

Available: 2020-11-10 to 2020-12-02 starting from $16793 AUD

Fully booked: 2020-12-01 to 2020-12-23 starting from $18208 AUD

Limited availability: 2021-01-12 to 2021-02-02 starting from $25074 AUD

Available: 2021-02-02 to 2021-02-24 starting from $21491 AUD

Available: 2021-02-23 to 2021-03-17 starting from $21491 AUD


Join Hurtigruten for a fantastic expedition cruise to the Falklands and untouched South Georgia before ultimate exploration of Antarctica. Team of experts from Norway and around the world lead ice-cruising and landings as you hike, explore and get close to wildlife in the most remote continent on Earth.

Get ready for your likely encounters with a huge variety of penguins; adelie, gentoo, macaroni, chinstrap and rockhopper. The experience of standing on South Georgia Island, in the middle of thousands of one-metre-tall King penguins, their yellow-hued chests puffed out as they bustle around you tops them all and is one of the most memory-searing sights you will ever likely enjoy.

Day 1 – Arrive Buenos Aires

Your adventure starts with an overnight stay in Buenos Aires, the bustling capital of Argentina. Join an optional city tour in the afternoon. Spend the evening at your leisure and discover the `Paris of South America´ for yourself.

Day 2 – Flight to Ushuaia & Embarkation

Your flight to Ushuaia leaves Buenos Aires early in the morning, allowing time to explore Ushuaia or to join an optional excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park before embarking on MS Fram. In the evening, you sail through the scenic Beagle Channel.

Day 3 – At Sea

You cross the open sea towards the Falkland Islands. Enjoy in-depth lectures on board and keep an eye out for wildlife from deck. Don’t forget your camera!

Days 4 – 6 – The Falkland Islands

The Falklands teem with wildlife, and offer clear blue skies, vast vistas and stunning white beaches. Here, the sheep graze alongside colonies of penguins, while caracaras patrol overhead and geese forage at the water’s edge. Penguins waddle close to take a look, then continue on their way, providing great photo opportunities!

We hope to go ashore for exploring, hiking or taking a closer look at all the birds. Stanley makes an excellent starting point for our excursions. MS Fram will be docked in the capital the entire day, giving you time to discover on foot, as most shops and services are clustered around the port.

Days 7 – 8 – At Sea, Cruising the South Atlantic

Spend two days cruising to beautiful South Georgia. En route you can participate in lectures about the area’s wildlife, whaling and polar history.

The Expedition Team is well-versed in every facet of South Georgia, from its geology and glaciology to the mating rituals of seals and the legends of the Norwegian whalers. One of the fascinating stories that will be told is that of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the men of the ill-fated Endurance, and their amazing feats of bravery.

Days 9 – 13 – South Georgia – The Serengeti of the Southern Ocean

Explore the thriving ecosystem and rich history of South Georgia. The area is known as the Serengeti of the Southern Ocean and is a world-famous location for wildlife photographers.

South Georgia’s unique position inside the Antarctic ecosystem – yet outside the limit of sea ice – makes an ideal home for tens of millions of breeding penguins, seals and seabirds. During your stay here, you will see adult seals lounge on the sand while their pups race in and out of the water, albatross soar overhead, and penguins cluster in their thousands. Enjoy the sight of hanging glaciers, cliffs, and scenic lagoons.

You will also visit a museum, the Norwegian seaman’s church, and the grave of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. South Georgia also offers good hiking, and one of the favourite trails follows part of Shakleton´s route on his brave journey across rugged mountains to find help for the 22 men left on isolated Elephant Island.

Day 14 – At Sea, Towards Antarctica

As you continue towards Antarctica, you can learn more about the wonders of the Deep South, focusing on the history, environment and wildlife of the region. With favourable conditions, we aim to cruise by the Washington Strait and Coronation Island before setting course towards Elephant Island and Antarctica.

Days 15 – 20 – The most beautiful, pristine places on the planet

Antarctica is a world apart from anything else on Earth! The first signs of approach may be penguins in the water, or blue-white icebergs drifting by. This is true wilderness, and your captain will work with the elements to design the very best itinerary for your expedition cruise.

There are no permanent human inhabitants in Antarctica, but it is home to millions of penguins and the feeding area for thousands of whales. The penguins are fearless when encountering humans, and they might be just as curious about you, as you are about them.

We will attempt landings at several sites in the South Shetlands and on the Antarctic Peninsula and aim to show you the diversity of the reigion´s wildlife and landscape.

Whenever opportunities arise, the Expedition Team will offer the chance to go out on kayaks, pitch tents ashore or take you on unforgettable hikes to explore the most beautiful, untouched places on the planet.

Every day will be different, and each will be carefully crafted by your Expedition Team to create lasting memories.

Days 21 – 22 – The Drake Passage – At Sea

On your way back to civilisation, you will continue lecture series and recap your experiences of Antarctica. The voyage from the Antarctic Peninsula to Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina is roughly 950 km (600 miles) or 40 hours of sailing time in good weather.

Day 23 – Ushuaia – Disembarkation

We make landfall in Tierra del Fuego. Your voyage ends in the world’s southernmost town, Ushuaia, and your journey back continues with a flight to Buenos Aires. If you crave some sun after exploring Antarctica, you can join one of the Post-programme adventures in Buenos Aires.


  • Hurtigruten Expedition Cruise in cabin grade of your choice with full board
  • One hotel night in Buenos Aires before the voyage including breakfast and transfer from hotel to airport
  • Return economy flights Buenos Aires to Ushuaia
  • Transfers in Ushuaia incl. an orientation tour
  • Included activities
  • Professional English-speaking Expedition Team
  • Complimentary wind- and water-resistant jacket
  • Loan of boots, trekking poles, and equipment neededfor optional and included activities
  • In-depth lectures on science, history, biology, geography, geology or culture of the destinations you will visit and destination-focused onboard library
  • Explorer Science programme
  • Introduction photo lecture
  • A farewell event
  • Free Wi-fi on board for all guests. Be aware that we sail in remote areas with limited connection. Streaming is not supported.
  • No gratuities expected


  • International flights
  • Optional shore excursions
  • Optional small-group adventures with our Expedition Team such as kayaking, camping, glacier walks, long hikes (availability contingent on weather conditions and safety)
  • Optional small-group Explorer Photo programme with our Expedition Photographer
  • Travel insurance
  • Luggage handling


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