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On Lori’s bucket list? The AFL Grand Final!

The AFL Grand Final is on the bucket list for many! Lori made it over this year. Read about her experience! Read more...

Written by Lori Burns
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I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not an AFL fan. But what an exciting experience the 2016 Grand Final was!

The atmosphere of the roaring and heaving stadium was captivating. The crowd was alive in a sea of red, blue and white. There wasn’t a spare seat in the house. 

The dedication and energy of the players and fans alike was infectious. You couldn’t help but thrive on their passion! 

Entertainment by Sting and Vance Joy was fabulous…. topped only by the best beef and Guinness pie I’ve had to date!

Bucket list – tick!

Make sure you get in touch early in the year to book your own AFL Grand Final experience – 1800 106 615.

Written by Lori Burns
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