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Oasis in the Desert

Oman had never been on my radar to visit, but I had an opportunity to go in March and am so pleased I went. Not sure of what to expect, I was delighted at the diversity Oman has to offer.

Muscat, the capital is a sprawling city with most buildings traditionally Middle Eastern, no high rises in sight it is surprisingly green, in an otherwise rocky and arid landscape. One of the main attractions is The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, capable of housing 20,000 worshippers at one time and boasts the second largest carpet in the world weighing 21 tons, plus a 14 metre chandelier, the centre piece not to be missed. Read more...

Written by Jerry Rogers
grand white mosque
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The image of the towering mountains that dominate much of the landscape will always stay with me. Occasional wadi (river bed) and outcrops of palm trees plus over 500 forts and fortifications dating back to the ninth century help to document the history of the country. Bustling souks in every town, selling a plethora of goods from jewellery to textiles, daggers to muskets are frequented by locals and tourists alike.

A whirlwind 5 day visit I stayed at three remarkable properties.

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort, at the southern tip of Muscat, nestled on the beach, a 5 star oasis locked between the mountains and azure water of the Sea of Oman, it affords all the luxuries you could desire.

Desert Nights Camp, are luxury Bedouin style tents in the vast isolation of the Omani desert where you can ride a camel or 4WD through the dunes and then watch the magnificent sunset from high above the camp enjoying an evening around the campfire.

Alila Jabal Akhdar in the Al Hajar mountain range is absolute luxury perched 2000 metres above sea level in an area with dramatic gorges and spectacular views, you can explore the region’s rugged landscape and untouched beauty.

Oman is not an easy stopover destination as requires a change of flight in Doha or Dubai to get there, but mark it down as a place to go to for a very different holiday experience.

Written by Jerry Rogers
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