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SmallcarBIGCITY London

When heading to London and wanting to see the sights but yearn for more than the usual “hop on hop off” bus, smallcarBIGCITY is like nothing you would have ever done before. During my recent experience you could not get the grin off my face for the entire two hours! Read more...

Written by Simon Prewer
mini cooper car in London
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Relive your childhood memories, as you dart through the streets and laneways of London in an immaculate fleet of restored Classic Mini Coopers, there’s Betty, Rosie, Lulu, and Daphne to name a few. Yes, they all have names as they’re part of the team!

The drivers are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable as you take in the sights of some of London’s better known attractions, as well as some lesser known. You may get to hear of the goings on within the Lloyds of London building or see some amazing, hidden Street Art.

Offering small private tours or groups, there are a number of different tours to choose from. If you’re looking for something totally unique, step into your very own version of The Italian Job, where you become the Star, well the Mini’s are the real stars, but you know what I mean!

Written by Simon Prewer
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