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Our Tips for Solo Globetrotting

Are you planning your first solo holiday? The expert team at Globetrotter have put together some essential tips on how to have a great holiday for one. Read more...

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Travelling alone is the perfect way to make sure you get to do everything you want while on holiday… and nothing you don’t! It’s the ultimate freedom. You can do all those “touristy” things, or absolutely none of the touristy things. You can relax or fill every minute with adventure!

It’s your holiday and it’s all about what you want to do. Best yet, you don’t have to worry about your travel buddy deciding to cancel at the last minute.

Solo travel can be a tale of sink or swim. Either you’ll make it, or you won’t. The chance are, though, that you’ll find yourself on the ultimate adventure of self-discovery and growth.

Become a confident solo Globetrotter with our guide for travelling alone.

Know what you want

Are you a loud and bubbly personality? Or are you a quiet type?

Would you like to find a squad to party with? Do you want to experience fine dining? Or maybe museums are more your style?

Travelling alone is a great way discover yourself, but we recommend knowing what you want from your holiday. After all, you don’t want to find yourself sleeping in a hostel with 30 roommates partying until sunrise when you’re planning a 9am tour through the Louvre.

Start small

Solo travel isn’t for everyone. And that’s ok! We recommend considering starting with a solo weekend getaway to see how you think you’ll find a longer holiday. You might love it and plan a six month holiday through Europe!

Get chatting!

Talking to locals is the absolute best way to get to know a city. In our experience, locals love sharing their knowledge and their city. Maybe start with a concierge, a waiter or shop assistant? This will help build your confidence. We’ve made great memories and friends on our travels!

Use your street smarts

Travelling alone can be intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous or scary. It just requires the right amount of preparation. Make sure you know your boundaries and always remember to trust your gut. If you feeling unsafe, take a taxi or pop into a bustling bar or café. If this isn’t an option, don’t feel afraid to make as much noise as possible to attract attention.

Don’t be afraid to say no!

Whether it’s a night out with your new travel buddies, a tequila shot from that hot Spaniard you met or a lazy day by the pool, it’s OK to say no. This is your holiday and you can spend it how you choose.

Plan, prepare and pack

Plan your itinerary and share with friends or family back home. They will appreciate knowing where you are and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they know where your checkpoints are.

Be prepared. Make sure you have emergency cash in your bag and on your body and good quality, photo ID in more than one location. You don’t want to be caught without it! We also recommend keeping a list of emergency contacts with you at all times… just in case.

There is nothing worse than lugging four suitcases around by yourself! Plus, you’ll attract attention as a tourist. We recommend packing one medium size suitcase and a carry-on.

Photos, photos, photos and more photos!

Take as many photos as you can. And why not pack a selfie stick? You’ll want to capture all your memories. Just don’t forget to back up your photos! We also recommend sharing your wanderlust with everyone back home through your social media accounts. Check out our Instagram @globetrotterlifestyle and use #globetrotterlifestyle to be featured!


Lastly (and most importantly!), indulge! You can do exactly what you want, when you want when you travel alone. That’s the beauty of being a solo Globetrotter. Go on, spend the day by the pool with a book and cocktail.

Feed your wanderlust, plan your dream solo holiday and become a Globetrotter.

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