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The 24/7 assistance is a real point of difference for Globetrotter’s clients. You know you can call and talk to someone, and they have all your details. Not having to go through five people when you’re ringing someone is really important to me. We were in Bali when some volcanoes erupted and they were able to deal with the situation – it was wonderful.

Cath Murphy

My experience of Globetrotter has been excellent. They recently booked a skiing trip to New Zealand for six of us. It was our first time there and they were very helpful. Things I never would have thought of were organised for us. With Globetrotter, there’s no downside. And if things do go wrong, they’re always there to help you, 24 hours a day.

David Mcdonald

Becoming a customer of Globetrotter is one of the best things I’ve ever done... Funnily enough, I’ve found it hasn’t cost extra, it’s taken away the stress and it’s opened new doors for me. I’ve had a superior travel experience – I’m not nervous travelling on my own, I feel comfortable and really, it’s just made travel so much more appealing.

Pip Daly Smith

I’ve been using Globetrotter for 20+ years. The Globetrotter experience for me is about getting it all right. And that’s what they do. With respect to some of the exotic locations I travel to – the Canadian Arctic for example – it’s quite complex getting to an embarkation point.  It’s really important that I get all the timing right, and I rely on Globetrotter for that.

John Hanrahan

With Globetrotter, you get continuity of service, and they make sure you’ve thought everything through before you go on your trip. I’ve found the prices are better going through Globetrotter than trying to book it myself online – especially with the accommodation. They seem to know where all the deals are, and have access to a wealth of information that I can’t find anywhere.

Marnie England

Jones Partners Pty Ltd

For nearly twenty years I have been using Globetrotter for corporate and leisure travel bookings and always the service has been incredible. Recently in May of this year my Chairman had a rushed trip England to attend a celebration for the Queen’s birthday. After packing his luggage he accidentally shut the case and the combination lock was set. He did not know what the combination was to unlock it.

There was an urgency concerning the unlocking of the case when he arrived in London as he had a luncheon meeting scheduled one hour after arrival and need to change clothes for business attire.

I contacted Deanne Garrity who was looking after our account whilst Glenys was on leave. I needed to obtain the telephone number for the concierge in London to see if they could help with my Chairman’s case. Deanne took matters into her own hands contacted the hotel and arranged for a lock smith to be waiting at the hotel for my Chairman’s arrival. We can never thank Deanne enough for all that was done.

Vikki West
Executive Assistant