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Behind the Scenes

Child Escorted Home for Funeral

One of our client’s VIP called to indicate that his mother in law had just passed. His daughter (10 years old) who was on a school trip at the time in Nepal was called home to attend the funeral. We contacted the airline rep who was able to liaise with the local ground staff (not airline staff) to ensure that someone would be available to escort the girl through the airport which is not known for being particularly tourist friendly. This took a little time, as the ground staff were unwilling to facilitate without payment, but our good relationship with the rep, and her hard work and persistence prevailed. Read more...

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Once organised, we contacted the girl’s school representative in Kathmandu, to advise what we had done, and whom to contact on arrival to the airport, and to advise what would happen between flights en-route, where the girl would be escorted as well.

After the journey was completed we contacted the client, who indicated all had gone smoothly, which l think l related back to the rep, with thanks.

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