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Party Your Way Through Rio

Live like a Carioca and experience the rhythms of Rio as you move to a soundtrack of the samba, old-school, rock, bossa nova and electronica… whatever your taste, you’ll find it in Rio! Read more...

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Rio de Janeiro is renowned for its vibrant, 24/7 party culture. The city pulsates with an eclectic mix of the brilliant Brazilian rhythms bossa nova and the samba and thrives on the party culture of the Cariocas (citizens of Rio).

Opportunities to experience the nightlife of Rio are endless! Here are a few of our top areas to go…

Lapa Night Life

As the sun sets, Lapa comes alive with a sultry rhythm of the samba, bossa nova, forró and churo. Located in the centre of Rio’s downtown, Lapa will give you a true taste of Rio’s nightlife. After all, it is the bohemian home of the samba and bossa nova music that Rio is famous for.

Traditionally home to the middle class, Lapa was neglected for years before it’s revival. No longer a hub of seedy nocturnal activity, the district attracts a wide range of Carioca, from intellectuals to musicians and artists to politicians.

Lapa’s bohemian lifestyle fosters an unpretentious, artistic attitude and the best nightlife in Rio. You’re guaranteed some great live music in Lapa!

If you’re ready to party and don’t mind some noise, there are some well-priced accommodation options in Lapa! We can find the perfect hostel for the budget conscious globetrotters, bed and breakfasts and homestays for those seeking the true Rio feel and 4 star hotels for the more luxurious traveller.

Globetrotter’s Tip

Visit Lapa on the weekend for one of the legendary street parties! You won’t be disappointed. Get there early to visit Lapa’s Escadaria Selaron (Lapa Steps), the Arcos da Lapa (Lapa Arches) and enjoy the street eats. Just remember to be street wise.

Ipanema Night Life

Made famous by the bossa nova jazz song “The Girl from Ipanema” by Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz, the affluent and chic neighbourhood of Ipanema is known for high end restaurants and sophisticated bars. The bars are perfect for a sunset drink, plate of food and a cocktail (or three!) as the sun sets over the Atlantic.

Ipanema’s beach bars are an integral part of Rio’s beach life culture, a signal that it hasn’t lost its bohemian roots. Here you will find a mixture of students, young socialites and the wealthy… along with scores of tourist too scared to approach the beautiful people!

In Ipanema, you can experience everything – from world class live music, to intimate lounges and rock concerts!

Globetrotter’s Tip

While it might not be “iconic Rio”, the ever-popular Shenanigans Irish-style pub is worth a visit. Here, you can mingle with other tourists and cariocas, while enjoying the varied schedule of football games, baseball, quizzes and live shows.

Copacabana Night Life

A day at Copacabana isn’t complete without visiting one of the many bars that line the promenade! Watching the sun set with a caiprihana and some petiscos (snacks)? Yes, please!

Although the legendary beachside neighbourhood is more famous for having Rio’s most picturesque beach, it is beginning to attract a much higher clientele than the seedy-types previously known for lurking there after dark.

In Copacabana, you can expect the variety of night life Rio is known for! From hidden bars hosting talented musicians to street bars with plastic chairs, and to upscale wine bars and five-star dining, it has it all.

Plan to spend an evening at Bip Bip! As one of Rio’s most famous samba venues, this tiny street bar with plastic chairs and tables is all about the music. Sit back with a drink and soak up the essence of Rio…

Globetrotter’s Tip

Join the Cariocas in bringing in the New Year at Copacabana! Celebrating News Year’s Eve with an all-night party, out-of-this-world fireworks display and party all night long on the world’s most famous beach. If braving the several million people who will be partying on the beach isn’t your style, we recommend booking a hotel with an ocean facing room.


Contact us to book your Rio party vacation! We can take care of all the details – it’s what we do.

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